Our Strenghts. Your advantage.

We manage Your Asset smarter


We manage your assets personally for the best possible increase in returns. We actively take care of your investments and take on both commercial and technical operations management. 


That is integrated Asset-Management


The ongoing control of assets is guaranteed by technical knowledge in our own company. Furthermore, the investments are managed by the Regional Managers on site, who speak the relevant language fluently and are familiar with the culture and local regulatory conditions. They optimise existing service contracts and cost items and carry out administrative tasks. They are supported by employees at the headquarters in Düsseldorf: The investments are monitored in real time here. 

With the help of this integrated asset management approach, operating costs can be reduced and commercial and technical improvements can be implemented quickly and unbureaucratically. Due to the internal management of the parks and the detailed knowledge gained from this, we are technically up-to-date, optimise the plants in ongoing operation and therefore achieve the best possible performance of your assets. 




Christian Schnaidt (COO)


Great Access Due to a Strong Team


Our team of investment professionals, asset managers, energy experts and senior advisors with extensive experience in the industry is extremely well-versed in the implementation of infrastructure projects in the area of renewable energies. Our employees have worked closely together in purchasing, operation and sales for years, which guarantees an integrated process across the whole life cycle of the assets. All areas of commercial and asset management, as well as controlling, quality and risk management are covered internally.

our strenghts. your benefit.



  • Realistic yield and risk calculation
  • Increase return due to a value-add approach and artificial intelligence
  • Permanent contact person due to longstanding employees
  • High yields due to experienced asset managers
  • Complete transparency in reporting



We use artificial intelligence (AI) to further optimise the technical availability of the plants. 
By using AI, the performance data of the solar parks is transferred directly to the central computer of the technical management at the headquarters in Düsseldorf. This allows permanent real time analysis of all sensor data and proactive maintenance. As people cannot monitor such huge data quantities all at the same time, the support of AI is needed to discover peculiarities and irregularities early on. In the case of parks that are only monitored by people, errors occur again and again, which are frequently not found for long periods of time – the analysis of the vast quantity of data is too complex and time consuming. With the help of AI, the incident management runs fully automatically, all errors that occur are recognised and at the same time false alarms are avoided.


The digitalisation of plants allows us to optimally allocate resources in the area of operation & maintenance, reduce costs and achieve increased availability of the plants. In addition, we comply with your information and reporting requirements via a digital document and ensure sustainable operating profit.


Operation and Maintenance with AI

Your Benefits

AI allows a permanent real time analysis of all data and rapid elimination of technical errors.

You benefit from higher availability of the plants and therefore increased capacity utilisation.

Through the digitalisation of the plants, an employee can monitor 50 or more parks.

Your maintenance costs will be significantly reduced.

You can work more efficiently by using AI, as the software recognises errors immediately.

The performance of the plant increases and therefore the yield.

Through the digitalisation of the plants, all facts and figures are documented and available in real time.

We promptly comply with your reporting requirements and achieve the best possible transparency.