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Sustainable investment does not necessarily equate to worse returns. Quite the reverse in fact: sustainable investment means that the process is examined in even more detail. Precise analysis leads to risks being identified and considered in more detail. In addition, due to the use of ESG criteria, risks such as the disregard for social topics or regulation risks that could impair performance are actively ruled out.

Our values


aream sees itself as a competent partner for successful investments in sustainable energy provision through quick, flexible and adjustable asset management. With our investments, we want to both achieve the best possible returns for our customers, and actively contribute to the sustainable progress in the area of the energy infrastructure. A long term and trusting collaboration with our customers and business partners is just as important to us as the solidarity amongst our employees.
From this fundamental understanding, we have formed a team of experts which guarantees our customers complete transparency. Apart from extensive reporting on quality assurance, we believe it to be essential to reveal our investment policy regarding ESG criteria, so that our customers and business partners can rely on the fact that we are acting responsibly.



We define clear guidelines for our internal processes and commit to complying with them. With our suppliers, we also ensure that the following points are adhered to:

  • No child labour
  • No manufacture of controversial weapons (such as cluster bombs, anti-personnel mines and weapons of mass destruction)
  • No manufacture of conventional weapons/equipment
  • No operation of nuclear power stations and no manufacture of important components for nuclear power stations
  • No slavery and human trafficking

We also have a zero tolerance policy regarding corruption.

forum for sustainable cash investment



As a member of the FNG [Forum Nachhaltige Geldanlagen, forum for sustainable cash investment] we actively promote transparency, quality and growth of sustainable cash investments.


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PRI-Sig-Web-V1.pngaream signed the UN Principles for Responsible Investment (UNPRI) in 2018. This means that we openly commit to our entrepreneurial responsibility to the environment and social matters, and actively include ESG topics in our investment analyses and decision making processes. We have integrated the six basic principles of UNPRI for responsible investment as a central component in our business strategy:

  • We include ESG topics in the analysis and decision making processes in the investment sector. 
  • We are active shareholders and consider ESG topics in our investment policy and practice.
  • We hold companies and corporations that we invest in, to appropriate disclosure in relation to ESG topics.
  • We promote acceptance and implementation of the principles in the investment sector.
  • We work together to effectively increase the implementation of the principles. 
  • We report on our activities and progress in the implementation of the principles.



With our solar and wind parks we significantly contribute to the transition from fossil fuels and nuclear power to renewable energies and therefore actively support the agenda 2030 of the United Nations (UN). The 17 sustainable development goals which should secure the future of man and the environment are the key to this. The 17 SDGs consider all three dimensions of sustainability – social affairs, environment and economy – with the five key messages, the “5 Ps”: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnership. At AREAM we commit to making the best possible contribution to achieving these goals. 
With our entrepreneurial activities and our charitable organisation PowerOneForOne Foundation, we make an active contribution to seven of the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Power One For One Foundation



As an asset manager for renewable energy infrastructures, it is crucial for us to improve the living conditions of people in much less developed countries, who are lacking the elementary basics of life. By founding PowerOneForOne Foundation gGmbH, aream wants to break the vicious circle of energy poverty permanently. There are still 1.2 billion people living without direct power connections. Therefore, energy poverty is one of the greatest obstacles standing in the way of positive development. Through access to electrical power, the PowerOneForOne Foundation directly improves the livelihood of the rural population by helping them to help themselves. For example this significantly increases the standards of medical care, promotes employment for women, and improves educational opportunities for children, who can still read and learn in the evening using a lamp.
The PowerOneForOne Foundation is currently supporting projects in Guatemala, Uganda, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.


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